Internet Portal Development

Internet portal development

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Tasks and goals

We were tasked to collect the amount of different sites containing business coaching schedules into a single site featuring modern design and efficient functionality.


We pointed out the following subtasks:

  • Build a new site;
  • Add lacking modules to new CMS;
  • Content migration.

New design creation

The old design version was outdated and didn’t correspond to modern requirements (you can see it in the web-archive). The new design was meant to display the variety of portal’s content and to create a handy system of filters and categories, so the users wouldn’t get lost in all that diversity, to get rid of visual noise, to make the design more optimized and laconic.

Transition to a new engine

The architecture of the former sites didn’t let allow further optimization so we carried out transition to a completely new engine better fitting the specifics. We decided not to use any standard CMS or framework, in order to develop a site able to deal with high loads and at the same time handling the complex system of content filtration. To make it work even faster a multi-level caching system was developed.

Content Migration

One of the tasks was to carry out automatic content migration from a number of scattered sites. The data included the database of the registered users, coaches and organisers, news, articles, events schedules and the archive of past events for many years.


When a user gets into the portal he can easily find a coaching event that fits his interests, using a handy index page or the searching system. Besides information on coaching events, one can find articles with the ability to make comments and rate. The portal supports video files, giving authors the ability to import videos from the popular social networks, like YouTube or VKontacte.


The project was implemented with the usage of such technologies as PHP5, JS/jQuery, CSS/HTML, MySQL

php jquery mysql css

A bit of statistics

2500 hours

the total project duration

120 tasks

for the whole period of duration

40+ cities

from 4 countries are available on the portal

3 devices

of different configuration were used for testing

8 specialists

took part in the development

32 block

to implement the functionality


In the results the customer got fresh design for the portal, developed with the accent on usability. The work on design included the logo restyling, to make the new version corresponding with the up-to-date requirements. In addition, in the process of transition the necessary modules were added.

Old version -> New version

logo old logo new