Online Furniture Designer

Online Furniture Designer

Tasks And Goals

We got this project from Global Group Company. It specializes in furniture materials production and takes the leading place on Siberian market.

We were tasked to develop an online-service with the possibility of designing furniture with the usage of suggested materials. The online-service was supposed to provide its users with the possibilities of designing and calculating the cost of hinged and sliding doors (both standard and suspended systems), kitchen aprons and furniture fronts. One of the main technical requirements were that the service would work correctly on all of the most popular browsers and the development on JavaScript.

Development process

Before the project was launched our specialists made themselves familiar with the production process of Global Group Company and in particular with the current ERP system ODOO. As the furniture designer was supposed to interact with this system, we decided to develop it as an ODOO snap-in module.

Besides, there were implemented two variants of access to the service: standard for the clients and administrative for company managers, with the ability of editing the formulas of the counting, prices and materials database. Along with the cross-browser compatibility the design of the service was adapted for mobile devices


The new online furniture designer service let the clients to design the desirable furniture on their own as well as to arrange the delivery of the product without spending time on visiting our office. While working on a door one can choose a standard size from the list as well as to input the custom size. The design of a door is chosen from the current materials database with the help of Drag-and-Drop. For sliding doors one can choose the way of rail mounting (to the ceiling or to a wall), for hinged doors — the side to which the door will open.

While working on a kitchen apron a user can put in the precise positions of the holes for mounting and for power sockets. Besides there’s a possibility to choose the mounting with the usage of aluminium profile.


The project was developed with the usage of JavaScript (AngularJS), HTML, CSS. The back-end was developed on Python.

angular  bootstrap css

python html

Review from a Global Group representative

For a long time we had been thinking of having a service which would let our customers to design furniture the way they want to and arrange a delivery order. The team of Upplic company has implemented our dream. Now our customers have the ability to design furniture while being at home without visiting our office or speaking with our managers. It’s really convenient for the customers from other regions.

Our company has noticed the positive effect from the new designer module as well. Since the moment of its setting up the amount of online orders increased by 11%.The amount of repeat orders has also increased. This figures along with the positive reviews of our clients indicates that the guys from Upplic has perfectly managed their job.

Review from customers

We re buying furniture for student residence. It appeared that even plain bedside tables in furniture shops costed quite lot while our budget wasn’t really huge The online furniture designer for Global Group literally solved our problems. With the help of it we designed simple but functional models of bedside tables and cupboards. Guys from Global came within a short period of time and assembled everything. At the moment we are going to order another batch of furniture.

Marina, 23 years old

For a long time I have dreamt of buying a corner cupboard. Such a thing appeared to be not really popular and there are not many models to choose from in shops while the companies which produce custom furniture asks a lot of money for their services. I found the site of Global Group occasionally on the internet and out of interest tried to make a cupboard project there. Its final cost appeared to be much lower than the one the guy who make custom furniture told me. I risked. Bought. Everything worked out perfect! I’ve been using it for several months already, everything works without a flaw.

Oksana, 34 years old

A bit of statistics

4 months

The application was being developed

35 tasks

for the development period

14 blocks

to implement the variety of functions

12 devices

of different configuration were used for testing

5 specialists

took part in the project

40+ screens

and 25 active elements


Within the stated period we implemented the project of the furniture designer according to the requirements of the customer. Besides, we developed an additional ODOO module which lets to optimize the amount of material needed for the furniture production.