Online Shop Development

New online shop for “Ideal of Beauty” company

The Client

“Ideal Of Beauty” shop which sells materials for nail design and extension, and for eyelashes extension. The head office is located in Novosibirsk and the goods are delivered to any place in Russia.

Tasks and goals

We were tasked to develop a brand new stylish site for “Ideal Of Beauty” online shop that would help to increase the conversion rate and to reach new sales markets. The former site failed to live up to expectations on design and a lot of important criteria. In particular, it had limited functionality, complicated search system and product choice process, non-informative product cards and low potential for SEO. Moreover, when we received the task, there were actually two web-sites of the company:  for retail and for wholesale. So we had to unite them into a single service.

Development process

ideal of beautyBefore launching the project we made a detailed research of TOP competitive online shops and marked the solutions which can be adopted as well as we developed our own that would make the new site remarkable from the rest. In order to achieve that, we analysed  significant marketplaces in other commercial fields.

One of the main tasks of the online shop development was its integration with 1C database. That helped to make the work of the site smooth and to

operatively fill the product catalog with acute information on products’ availability and price.

At the next phase the full technical requirement document was made up, containing the detailed description of the layout and functionality of each section, It was decided to use the color scheme inherited from the former site in order not to shock regular customers.

As the main page of the site is the most visited page, it was supplemented with additional blocks which would let to attract and keep users’ attention: discounts, bestsellers, new products. At the same time we tried to introduce the information in such a way that the page wouldn’t look overloaded.

A lot of work did it take to design the layouts of the pages and to design product cards. The optimized navigation and mutually exclusive search filters made the process of search more usable and acute. A product card — the main selling page — should be very informative, so the following blocks were added:

  • enlarging image;
  • parameters choice: color, quantity e.t.c;
  • prices for retail and wholesales and information about delivery;
  • page of products’ comparison;
  • customers’ rates and reviews.

There were additional functions like “similar products” and “set purchase’ implemented, in order to increase the average purchase bill. Another service meant to increase the usability of the site was, the ability to add products to wish lists. All the questions that may arise in the process of product choosing and purchasing, can be addressed to an online-consultant.

The new basket of goods featured optimize and user-friendly purchasing management. Each product was represented by a miniature, the information on the chosen characteristics was shown, as well as the price after all the discounts were applied.


The development of the online shop was carried out with the usage of the following technologies: CMS Bitrix, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL.

bitrix mysql javascript css

A bit of statistics

6 months

the site was being developed

85 tasks

for the development period

67 blocks

to implement the variety of functions

8 devices

of different configuration were used for testing

7 specialists

took part in the development

218 litres

of coffee was drunk during the development


In the result we got the refreshed “Ideal of Beauty” online shop featuring the extended functionality, intuitive navigation and attractive design. The process of product catalog filling and correcting was significantly optimised due to the integration with 1C. The site pages were optimized to fit the target requests and the integrated SEO Toolkit has the extended functionality of SEO promotion management.

Review by CEO of “Ideal of Beauty”

We wanted to attract new customers by the promotion of the new site, and to expand the sales market beyond the territory of  Russia. We realised that the former site didn’t fit the requirements and that it had to be redesigned with the accordance to the contemporary requirements for online shop. While searching for an implementer able to provide a full range of services, we opted for “Upplic” company. From the first meeting we realised that we came to the professionals. Our wishes were not only heard but also perfected in order to make even greater success. In the result we got a stylish and functional online shop which showed the increase in sales the first month after the launch and it got a lot of positive reviews from regular customers.

“Ideal of Beauty” company expresses deep gratitude to the “Upplic” team and can recommend “Upplic” as a reliable assistant in the implementation of your web-projects.