Python Development

Web development in Python


Back-end development for mobile applications in Python

We have Python specialists with many years of experience on our team, including the experience in implementation of large projects using Python as the language for writing back-end (the server side of a project).


orbis administrative interface





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We used Python for development of the back-end part of our largest projects ( — a mobile application for taxi drivers. It was used to implement such modules as GPS-tracking, billing — payment for the service usage, bonus system, integration with outer payment systems through API, the administrative interface for managers, analytics.


auto angel start screen auto angel alarm screen














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Python was used to write the back-end for the car alarm system “AutoAngel”. With the help of the system a driver can track the location of his vehicle using GPS tracking. The system represents the smooth work of the chain: client application — server — tracking device.

Web-applications development in Python


simbis main page

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The task on this project was to develop an online service which would let users create their own web-sites for commercial and personal use, not having any skills and knowledge in design or web-development and without need in hiring a professional team of developers.


kazone main page

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The Kaz.One project represents a specialized searching service that searches court case databases, individuals, law entities and real estate ojects. Within the project implementation a number of parsers was written to collect the information from necessary sources. Besides, to work with the advertising content the support of Yandex and Google analytics was integrated into the service.

Libraries and frameworks we use







Django —  a Python framework for development of web-applications. At the present moment is considered to be the best framework for web-development.




Tornado — a scalable, non-blocking web-server and framework written in Python. Tornado was created to provide high performance and it is one of the web-server that can deal with the problem of 10 000 connections.






Pytest framework gives the ability to easily write testing scripts meanwhile being scalable to support complex functional testing of applications and libraries.

We also work with such instruments as South, PotgreSQL, Requests, lxml, Celery, Django-tinymce, mock, pytest, sockjs-tornado, pymongo, pytest-tornado, motor.