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Search Engines

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Tasks and Goals

Initially the “KazOne” project of “Prema Invest” company was meant to be a special search engine service for banks, law firms and insurance agencies. The field of information searched — archives of court cases of Kazachstan. But during the process of development the customer repeatedly changed the the initial task, expanding the range of possibilities of the service. In the end our task was to develop a revolutionary search engine,  able to lead the process of internet search to a brand new level.

Development process

The implementation of this project, as of all the other projects, started from making up the technical requirements document. The initial variant was meant to be used as a service that searches the court cases database. But the customer decided to take a step further and develop a universal search engine which lets to obtain extended information on an object of an inquiry. In the result, the possibility of obtaining information on individuals and legal entities and real estate objects of Kazachstan.

The users’ work in the system is protected with the usage of CAPCHA. Besides the client-server data exchange is carried with the usage of protected HTTPS connection.

For the administrators of the site we implemented the possibility of compiling internal statistics on users’ inquiries including the date of inquiry, IP, and browsers’ headers. For work with advertising content the support of Yandex and Google analytics was integrated into the service.


The “KazOne” service was developed with the usage of JavaScript, HTML, CSS. The front-end part was implemented with the usage of Bootstrap, to make the process of work with the service comfortable from mobile and tablet devices. The back-end part was developed on Python and MySQL.

javascript python css


Functionality and competitive advantages

The distinctive feature of “KazOne” is the increased relevance of the search results gained by the ability to custom set up the field of the inquiry and filtering the search results according to the criteria that such wide-known engines like Yandex and Google don’t have. So the “KazOne” users are free from the necessity of checking out every link of the search results and they instantly get the most relevant list of the materials with the information required. The documents found can be sorted out with accordance to custom criteria. There is a possibility of downloading the found documents as a single archive.

To use the “KazOne” searching service users can sign up with a new account or sign in with an existing account in one of the popular social networks. As the information is searched not only in the public sources but also in court cases databases and registers of legal entities there are different level of access to the web-site. Obtaining information from the specific sources requires the paid type of account. There is an integrated module which lets to operate the virtual payment account with the usage of the international payment card system, in order to get access to the extended functionality of the web-site.

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In the settings of a paid account users can create new lists of objects tracking and set up notifications for the required inquiries.

A bit of statistics

10 years

historical depth of an inquiry

4 000 000

files per year

100 kilobytes

average file size

5 devices

of different configuration were used to testing

8 specialists

took part in the development

3 month

the search engine was being developed


Our team managed to implement the project within the stated terms, despite the fact that during the development process the technical requirements were changed and the the size of the project was increased due to the expansion the list of categories of the information required.