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Social Network “Networx”


Does it often happen that you come to a cafe to relax after your working day or to wait out the rain, and you can’t find anyone for a company? In the end you find yourself drinking tea or coffee alone, getting bored and forgetting about your plans of having a rest and some pleasure. And this happens quite often. How many bored people are there at the same time, for example in a mall? And they don’t know about each other, although they might have a lot of things in common besides loneliness. They need each other, but don’t have the ability to make a contact.

start screennetworxmap

Tasks and goals

The ‘Upplic’ team consisting of 20 programmers, 6 analysts and 2 designers implemented the perfect solution of this problem. We have developed the geosocial network and called it “Networx”. Its main goal is to connect people within geographical locations.

This product doesn’t only expand the range of social connections but serves as a guide to cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels according to a new principle of search — people.

If you launch the application you will see people with similar interests who want to communicate!


In the process of developing this application for communication our specialists used such technologies as Android/Java, Python, PHP, Joomla, Algorithm, Google Maps API. It was developed by programmers of Senior level and designers with over 8 years of experience.

geoobject networxmycontacts


Our service gives the ability to easily make connections with people near you. The interaction between the users is carried out within the territories of geolocations (cafes, bars, malls) in real-time.

As business people we understand the importance of not mixing business and personal connections, so while searching people within the chosen geolocation you can choose the type of connections you’re interested in at the moment, and set up a detailed search filter. Besides, the service isn’t tied to user’s whereabouts. You can freely look through profiles of any users from other parts of the city. You don’t need to log in for that.

The target audience of the application is young people of 16-25 years old and socially active people interested in search of potentially useful acquaintances.

Competitive advantages

Although our geosocial network is targeted to the audience similar to that of LinkedIn, our service can’t be seen as a direct competitor as LinkedIn is more oriented to the search of particular specialists and making business connections so it provides more detailed information on every profile. In comparison, Networx contains only basic information which makes the usage of the network more dynamic. The geolocational service “Networx” can be used to complement LinkedIn as it helps to find useful connections near the user.

A bit of statistics

6 months

The application was being developed

60 tasks

for the development period

27 blocks

to implement the variety of functions

20 devices

of different configuration were used for testing

28 specialists

took part in the project

30 screens

and 35 active elements


Thus, the geosocial network  “Networx” takes the most favourable place among the social networks for business and entertainment, mobile and desktop ones, uniting their best features and reaching the widest audience.