Visual concept development

Visual concept development — “GreenPay”

Tasks and goals

We were tasked to developed visual concept for the project of the application “GreenPay”. To achieve this goal we took the following steps:

  • Mobile application redesign
  • Landing page development
  • Animated commercial video recording
  • Presentation making-up
  • Commercial letter design
  • Business card and label design
  • Design of pages in social networks
  • Design of pages in application stores

About “GreenPay”

“GreenPay” — is an innovative IT project aimed to improve living of car owners and their passengers. It´s the first smart-parking project in the region which employs car number recognition and NFC to access parking places.

Mobile application redesign

Initially the customer asked us to carry out the audit of the mobile application design as our works managed to win his trust for our expertise in this field. When the customer got the results of the audit he decided to entrust us the complete change of the visual concept of the project for for further promotion campaigns. We started with development of a new design of the mobile application.

initial screen description screen

sidebar order screen

Landing page development

The first step of the promotion campaign was the development of a landing page which gives its visitors the idea of “Green Pay”, its scheme of work, and gives the ability to download it from GooglePlay and AppStore.

landing page

In order to better understand the principles of “GreenPay” we shot a 1-minute animated commercial.


Presentation making-up

The “GreenPay” promotion company also included making up of a presentation:


Business card design

Business card design was developed with employment of QR-code: when the code is recognized by mobile application, one can go to the project web-site.

business card business card 2





Label design

To take part in the “GreenPay” project a parking place must be equipped with special equipment. To make this equipment more recognizable we designed a special label.


Commercial letter design

To present the project to perspective partners and customers we designed a commercial letter so it would perfectly fit the visual concept.


Design of pages in social networks

To reach a larger audience our SMM-specialists has made pages in social networks so they would fit the concept — VKontakte and Facebook


Design of pages in application stores

The pages in GooglePlay and AppStore application stores were filled with visual content fitting the concept of the project.

google playappstore













In the result the project got fresh visual concept and was completely prepared for following scaling and increase of the amount of users. And the “GreenPay” system was set up for work in the biggest malls of Novosibirsk: “Aura”, “Sun-City” and in the innovative building of “Academpark”.