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Tasks and goals

We were tasked to develop an online service which would let users create simple sites for commercial and personal use, not having any special skills in the field of development and web-design.


Simbis.ru will fit different business spheres, like selling goods or providing services. The detailed user-guide describes every step from the moment of registration to the launch of a ready web-site. The constructor features a vast library of ready patterns for various areas. If none of them fits, one can always order a custom design creation. If content is provided (texts and images), a user can get a ready web-resource within two hours.

For maximum convenience all the subscriptions have the services of hosting, domain, support and manager’s consultation included. All the sites made on Simbis platform are defended against viruses and spam. Automatic back-up is also provided.

There’s a possibility to carry out some basic SEO measures. A user can order an additional service of content creation and optimization. After the launch a site is automatically goes to indexing in search engines: Yandex and Google.

Competitive advantages

The main competitive advantage of the project is that it has not only technical support service, but also the help of a personal manager. In case any trouble occurs a client always can ask a competent specialist for help.


For “Simbis” development we used such technologies as: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Google Maps Api.

postgre jquery googlemaps



A lot of companies have already used the “Simbis”, including:

Wedding store “Svadebnoe Korolevstvo”

Furniture studio “Leksa”

Building company “Elins”

Children furniture store “Chippolino”


A bit of statistics

7 months

the service was being developed

160 tasks

for the whole development period

45 blocks

to implement various functions

12 devices

of different configuration were used for testing

9 specialists

took part in the development

2 hours

it takes to create a new site


The service came up to the client’s expectations. “Simbis” works according to SaaS model — Software as a Service. In addition to the main project we developed an accompanying online catalogue of goods and services http://simbis.su, where all the clients of the service can display the offers and advertisements. At the present moment there are more than 7 000 companies and over 80 000 goods/services registered in the catalogue.